Terraforming Mars Insert/Organizer (ADC Blackfire) / Brettspielzubehör – Folge 14 / SpieLama

In Folge 14 von Brettspielzubehör wirft Alex einen Blick auf das/den Terraforming Mars Insert/Organizer von (ADC Blackfire). Den Kanal von Alex findet ihr unter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfNKMrg_KSjEDJPGSDO2F-Q.

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Englische Kurzbeschreibung
The Blackfire Terraforming-Mars-Organizer consists of 15 compartments to keep your game materials tidy and safe. There is one tray to hold all tokens, 5 small boxes for all player cubes, 2 ressource dispenser, 3 compartments for cities, vegetation and water and two big card boxes that can easily carry all cards in sleeves (there is even space for card expansions).

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